Some work I contributed to.


External Exploration of a Convex Polygon

Using competitive analysis, we present several competitive algorithms to externally inspect a convex polygon, the best of which achieves an improved competitive factor of ~14.14.

Journal: Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry

Published: August 2020

Where's @Waldo? Finding Users on Twitter

Using tweets from viewers of the 2017 solar eclipse that occurred over the continental United States, we investigate the use of natural language processing techniques to predict whether an arbitrary Twitter user is view the eclipse, given their tweet's content

Journal: Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing

Published: May 2019

Several Results of Fractional Differential and Integral Equations in Distribution

We apply convolutions and products of distributions (in the Schwartz sense) to solve integral and differential equations using the Mattag-Leffler function.

Journal: MDPI

Published: June 2018

The Convolution and Fractional Derivative of Distributions

Several definitions of convolutions in the distributional sense are presented which are both in agreement and simpler than previous definitions. Presented definitions also provide a natural derivative of fractional derivatives.

Journal: Advances in Analysis

Published: April 2018

Remarks on Convolutions and Fractional Derivative of Distributions

Relations among convolutional definitions and the fractional derivative of distributions.

Journal: MDPI

Published: April 2018

Babenko's Approach to Abel's Integral Equations

We use Bobenko's approach and fractional integrals in the distributional sense to solve Abel's integral equation of the second kind.

Journal: MDPI

Published: February 2018


Was That Sarcasm? A Survey of Machine Learning Models for Classifying Sarcastic Comments on Reddit Using Word Embeddings

The use of several classification techniques to classify comments on the popular website reddit as being either sarcastic or not.

Released: December 2018